joining the ranks.

November 8, 2007

My two sisters blog and I check their pages about, oh, four times a day. I’m always disappointed when nothing new has been posted between my check-ins. That’s healthy, right? I want them to be blog slaves.

So I’m a bit hesitant to share my own musings, in case others want me to be a blog slave. Plus, I often feel like I’m running a marathon that I can never finish and wonder if “adding” something to my life is a good idea. (Although I’m way less busy than lots of people, as I don’t even have kids and I don’t even do stuff like choir, Bible study, host birthday parties, exercise [including marathons], travel-for-work-on-weekends, and biweekly manicures.) Or that blogging will distract me from things like reading good books. Then again, I started LOTR three weeks ago and haven’t sat down to read past the prologue, so I don’t think my scant reading time will be affected too much.

My last blog of sorts was four years ago, while studying abroad in Norwich, England. (I think the Midwest is just as fascinating to write about, although in a more introspective way.) Its domain was, which confused my Norwegian grandpa as muscle memory prompted him to type “” My parents acquired a cabin on the Dairyland Reservoir a couple years ago, so I guess it’s fitting. I like the sound of dairy better than diary anyway. (Or diarrhea, for that matter.)

I don’t feel quite right as I type, probably due to the fact that I started this blog at work and my blood sugar’s low. The former makes me feel guilty for doing non-work related things and the latter makes me feel like someone other than Christy. So, I’m off to lunch. (Leftover Chinese from the Jasmine Garden! yum! Marsh and I sat down with this delicious stuff last night and attempted to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which I’ve never seen. Really. Unfortunately the Netflix disc was badly scratched and we had to turn to other things, like making music mixes [me] and playing online computer games [him].)


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