An old picture.

December 3, 2007

I’m currently typesetting a book on the Augustana Synod (that essentially dissolved in the 60s with the merger of the ELCA), a 400-page beast that will probably sell 2,000 copies and sit on shelves instead of open palms. However, it’s been one of my favorite projects this year, because I wanted it to look classic, reserved yet accessible. And, because there are roughly twenty old photos that made me get excited about using the clone stamp in Photoshop to make the scratches disappear. It’s like magic! There are probably about five million people who use Photoshop with much more finesse than me, but I’m content to learn in small, exciting steps.

(I told Marshall about this, and later on that evening we were with some friends and one of them said she had a great day at work because she walked down the hospital hallway with a woman who had previously been in a coma. In a flash, I simultaneously felt silly for having a great day at work because I erased scratches from old photos and felt appreciative that we are born with different gifts for a reason.)

Anyways, this is one of the halftones, and the more I looked at it the more I loved the contrast: so much dark in the center: the two suited men, the dresser, the thick frame on the wall. And surrounding them, a sea of white. I love how life naturally composes itself to be striking (I doubt if the photographer intentionally lined up the men and the objects behind them), whether it’s this, a person’s face, the Golden Ratio



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