happy valentine’s day, belatedly

February 26, 2008


My goal was to post this on the actual day but impending travel to Nashville and a subsequent paralyzing “common cold” delayed me…

I read that Valentine’s Day was basically the first holiday to be commercialized in the States. I get sick of that like anyone else but I ALWAYS look forward to the day itself because I love thinking of people celebrating love, and because of MY MOM!

I’ve spent most of my romantically eligible days as a single gal and I honestly don’t remember wishing for a date on V Day. Really. (Well, if I saw that statue above on, say, hypothetically, my trek across campus on a February 14th I might’ve been a little wistful. And, I have to say, the few Valentine’s dates I did have always felt like an unexpected wonderful gift of its own.)

When we were little, my mom would get us boxes of Jelly Bellys, the kind with forty little pockets nestled with colorful gems and recipes printed on the lid for Honeydew Melons and Strawberry Milkshakes. … It felt lavish. Like a box full of jewelry.

She gave the best candy. Big cherry heart suckers that left a red stain on your tongue and chocolate dipped pretzel sticks and Fannie May mint kisses.

At college, I got a package one year with pretty scarves to keep my hair back and a ten-ounce Thermos printed with beautiful birds and scrolls, perfect for tea. One year I got a book of Madeleine L’Engle poetry and a tiny pearl clinging to a slender gold chain.

Last year, I received a box of Burberry perfume samples (DIVINE) and two weeks ago, I was slightly bummin’ when I didn’t see anything in the mail. Since I’ve been a married woman for almost a year and a half I figured I’d better get over it—I’m not a kid anymore. But then I moved a throw pillow on the couch and saw that Marshall had gotten the mail earlier…and a bright red envelope had been hiding all night. Voila! A beautiful card and AMC gift card were inside.

So, thanks, mom. You’ve made Valentine’s Day pretty awesome year after year. However, BELIEVE ME when I say that when you choose to forgo this particular gift-giving amongst your constant gift-giving in time, conversation, letters, emails, visits, birthdays, Christmases, work-clothes-shopping and grocery-shopping, I would understand and not be bummed. I know I am loved and always have known!


One Response to “happy valentine’s day, belatedly”

  1. Bethany said

    Ditto that one!!!!! What a great return “valentine.” Ya put me to shame.

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