dark have been my dreams of late

April 17, 2008

(NOTE! I wrote this freakin’ post at the very beginning of this month. I don’t know how it didn’t get published. I didn’t spend all that time writing and optimizing a picture of mittens for nothin’, so here it is.)

Man am I glad it’s a new week. I usually don’t anticipate the passing of a week because I don’t want to live in the future, but there were too many bad things that shadowed me. From dark, dark dreams to cramps, from flu to a heavy pervasive sadness.

It’s the dreams that are the worst, even though I know they aren’t real. They prompt bad daydreams (picturing loved ones dying, as you sit there on the bus) and those prompt more dark nights. A chain reaction of irrational badness.

But hey! No more Edgar Allen Poe Poo from me. Praise God for better spirits and better health. Even the spring blizzard last night failed to depress me.

I’ve been wanting to post my first non-scarf knitted items. Here they are!


They’re my wedding present to my dear friends Clare and Sam. I was intimidated by knitting in the round so I procrastinated until AFTER their December wedding to start. I know, tsk tsk. But they did get done! Hopefully the felting will go okay for them—the stripes becomes softer, less distinct, and the whole mitten should shrink to their hand shape. I told Clare and Sam that if they don’t fit, they need to keep them a year and then after that, they can get rid of them and I won’t be offended. :)


One Response to “dark have been my dreams of late”

  1. Bethany said

    You finished!! Yay!!!!! (The only project I have ever followed through on knitting was a hat for littler Ril.)

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