an encounter

April 28, 2008

The below cover was just approved by the Fortress Press editors. The original image is a man staring at a blank canvas (“modern art”). This is an academic textbook with a desired “approachable” feel, so I wanted to focus literally on an encounter in the NT—in this case, Jesus healing the blind man—while avoiding Biblical-cover cliches and retaining a contemporary feel. I unified the two images from there for an effective composite. I was happy with the result and so were my editors!


3 Responses to “an encounter”

  1. Maren said

    Christy I am so jealous that you get to do this all day long! Good work.

  2. Brenna said

    You’re awesome! I think that’s such an amazing idea! How can I be as clever as you?

  3. Bethany said


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