May 7, 2008

This is about life size!

(This is about life size.)

“Do you like diamonds?”

I had stopped by a jewelry shop in the downtown skyway to get my rings cleaned and checked. A lady cheerfully took them to the back while a man approached me from behind the counter.

“Sure, they’re nice,” I said, intentionally sounding apathetic as I believe there’s way too much hype and sad political struggle over diamonds (although of course I love my own gifted ones).

“Would you like to hold the second largest loose diamond I’ve ever seen in my twenty-five years of selling diamonds?”

I held out my hand and he turned over a little white pouch into my hand. It was an 8.5 carat round diamond, so colorless and bright it looked fake. Which I said so. I don’t think he minded, although he didn’t chuckle like I expected.

“We have a lot of fun with this in the store,” he said. “My coworker’s been asking women customers if they’d choose this diamond in a ring or pendant, and 50 to 3 choose ring over pendant.”

“Are you serious?” I asked. I couldn’t imagine that freakin’ huge thing on my finger. It was bigger than my knuckle.

I asked him what’s the largest loose diamond he’s seen in twenty-five years…he said it was a 10 carat. Just a bit wider than this one in diameter.

“So…how much value am I holding in my palm right now?”

He looked at the price tag on the pouch: $120,600.


One Response to “wow…really??”

  1. maren6300 said

    Eek. Just eek. That is when I would have peed my pants from shock. Not that that has ever happened.

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