Fergie the Ficus.

Birthday windchimes from mum.

Caribou Barista Extraordinaire, AKA Best of ‘Bou Coffee Expert in the District.

Birthday orchids from my Coffee Expert.

Couldn’t resist a close-up of the gorgeous pot!


end of a season

June 10, 2008

My temping contract was up at Augsburg at the end of May. Since they extended it twice before, I was hoping I could stay on. No such luck. However, they said they have plenty of work for me to do, if I continued working with them as a freelancer. To make a long story short, here I am on a shiny new iMac, opening newly purchased design software, and trying to predict my income for the next quarter of the year. Like they promised, I already have been working for them and received two more offers the past couple of days. Currently, it’s mostly typesetting book and educational curriculum interiors.

The end of Spring 2009 book season also coincided with my contract’s end. It’s a laborious and crazy process. I wanted to post my favorites: