I woke up longing for beauty this morning. I gazed at Etsy jewelry online instead of working and wished so badly my orchids were still in bloom. I had a dream last night that we found a house in Madison, but as we visited the place I knew in my gut it was a Lonely House. We’ve started packing these past few days and I think the transition state of disarray is interrupting my slowly-growing urge to nest. I know whatever house we (with the great help of my dad) find in Madison will be lovely no matter its size and condition, because Marshall will be with me, and family nearby to be excited with me. I’ve never been big into home decorating magazines or fantasizing the perfect color of paint, and I don’t see myself wetting my pants over it any time soon. But I do like the idea of creating a home. Change just does funny things to my heart.

Arthur, if you’re reading this, please take me out on a date for my first postpartum glass of red wine once the baby’s here!

other storm pictures

August 13, 2008

Okay, I did NOT take these. Some lucky Minnesotan uploaded them to the Kare11 website gallery. It’s the same night I was referring to earlier, July 11.

Sorry, Beth, if this gives you nightmares! :)

older covers

August 13, 2008

I’m cleaning out and organizing older files and thought I’d post these. Facets is a Fortress series, slim little volumes that aim for a bit more edgy mood. I love the image I got from iStock—it makes me want to touch the screen.

I can’t wait to slap the work I’ve done from the past year and a half onto my business website. I tend to forget all that I’ve worked on, and although I deflate a bit when I look at some incredible book designers’ websites, their creativity is inspirational.

Marshall called me about twenty minutes ago to warn me about a fast approaching thunderstorm. The front whooshed in, knocked some garbage bins over and started out with those amazing curtains of rain, and now my windows see just a thick grey pocket of water and wind and thunder. I’ve had the urge this summer to do paint-by-number whenever a storm passed through. A few summers ago I was living at my friend’s parents’ house in St. Paul and would sit out on their porch in a wicker chair and paint whenever it rained.

I’ll post a couple pics of a nasty storm that came through last month—there were tons of tornado warnings just a bit west of us.


August 13, 2008

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, watch this…

our little man

August 12, 2008

Through my emails and/or Facebook, most of you by now know that we’re expecting a little boy on December 29ish. Marshall particularly likes this profile shot because of its velociraptor qualities.

All of my pukies have been gone for several weeks now and morning fatigue has eased. I’m still waiting for the “butterflies” which can happen any day now. Just this past week, at 20 weeks, friends (no strangers yet) have been more touchy with the belly, which I don’t mind at all. I just think it’s really funny when people rub my upper abs, where no womb lies beneath yet.

We have a solid first name picked out and a tentative middle one, but sorry, it’s a secret.

We have another ultrasound next week for the technician to double-check his stomach. Nothing abnormal, they just couldn’t get a clear view. I’m excited for the excuse to go back—he’ll already be so much bigger than our first ultrasound three weeks ago! Hopefully he’ll cooperate a little better this time—his head was on my bladder the whole time and no amount of coughing, leaning-the-chair-back, or toe-touching would get him to budge. Marshall loved seeing the four chambers of his itty bitty heart, and I loved seeing my lunch—Cheetos, grilled cheese, and tomato soup—showing up as a little black splotch in his itty bitty tummy.

In motion, the legs looked way less blotchy than on this frozen shot, and his butt at times looked like a perfect little heart. However, it’s pretty clear what that third appendage is. :)