older covers

August 13, 2008

I’m cleaning out and organizing older files and thought I’d post these. Facets is a Fortress series, slim little volumes that aim for a bit more edgy mood. I love the image I got from iStock—it makes me want to touch the screen.

I can’t wait to slap the work I’ve done from the past year and a half onto my business website. I tend to forget all that I’ve worked on, and although I deflate a bit when I look at some incredible book designers’ websites, their creativity is inspirational.

Marshall called me about twenty minutes ago to warn me about a fast approaching thunderstorm. The front whooshed in, knocked some garbage bins over and started out with those amazing curtains of rain, and now my windows see just a thick grey pocket of water and wind and thunder. I’ve had the urge this summer to do paint-by-number whenever a storm passed through. A few summers ago I was living at my friend’s parents’ house in St. Paul and would sit out on their porch in a wicker chair and paint whenever it rained.

I’ll post a couple pics of a nasty storm that came through last month—there were tons of tornado warnings just a bit west of us.


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