I woke up longing for beauty

August 28, 2008

I woke up longing for beauty this morning. I gazed at Etsy jewelry online instead of working and wished so badly my orchids were still in bloom. I had a dream last night that we found a house in Madison, but as we visited the place I knew in my gut it was a Lonely House. We’ve started packing these past few days and I think the transition state of disarray is interrupting my slowly-growing urge to nest. I know whatever house we (with the great help of my dad) find in Madison will be lovely no matter its size and condition, because Marshall will be with me, and family nearby to be excited with me. I’ve never been big into home decorating magazines or fantasizing the perfect color of paint, and I don’t see myself wetting my pants over it any time soon. But I do like the idea of creating a home. Change just does funny things to my heart.

Arthur, if you’re reading this, please take me out on a date for my first postpartum glass of red wine once the baby’s here!


One Response to “I woke up longing for beauty”

  1. ArtMan said

    Absolutely! Pinot Noir or Cabernet Savignon?
    You will be getting a call from me shortly, because you two have some splainin’ to do about this Madtown move…

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