Retail bitches no longer

September 19, 2008

Marshall’s last day at the Bou was yesterday, after a year and a week of making frothy concoctions. His parting gift from his fellow baristas was a whipped cream attack as he left through the store’s back exit. It means they really liked him. :)

He’s excited to be moving on and I’m excited for him! I’m 100% positive though that an experience in customer service like that is invaluable. After all, there’s still a part of me that remains a tea shop girl (which is a hint for what my hat’s Chinese character means).


Our charming B&B.

It wasn’t part of the suite we stayed in, but we got to peek at the “reading room” in the turret.

Luther Campus! How purty and shiny.

Schnazzy new science building.

Although it got a bit creepy in the hallways.

We spent a third of our trip budget on…well, you can see for yourself.

There were about fifty first-years and their parents in the book shop that day. Nervous energy crackling in every corner. We realized with a start that we were seven/eight years older than them…we’re ancient!

Revisiting the spot of our first date, at Malanaphy Springs.

This is how it went: we went for a hike in October four years ago. M was gathering his courage to ask me out. I was sensing something and liked it. But nothing was brought up yet as we rested on the stones. So, without further ado, I asked after a pause: Have you ever wanted to kiss me? I remember his expression quite different from the one below…a shy smile. Marshall? Shy? Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Lucky me—he said yes.

Back at the B&B that night, relaxing around the fire out back:

The next night, ambling through downtown Decorah:

We encounter Storypeople studio’s magical entryway:

And end the night with just the two of us (and our bun in the oven). Here’s to many more years to come!