way to go, little guy!

December 9, 2008


Great news! Baby B is right side down! We had the ultrasound yesterday and the tech confirmed his position right away. We are relieved. Of course, the hard part is yet to come, and I still want to keep a flexible attitude toward what may happen in a few weeks. In the meantime, we’re happy that he’s down there and seems to be staying down there. We gave him a loving pat on the rump as it pushed out from just under my right rib yesterday.

Thank you to everyone for thinking of us.

We celebrated by checking out the brand-new library by our place. Marshall discovered and showed me their lactation room. No kidding! Then he asked me if I wanted anything at the yummy ice cream shop adjoined to the library (just opened that day!). We have been trying to cut back on spontaneous purchases like that, but I said, “How COULD you ask me that when you know that I won’t say no to food?!” :) So I got a dish of Peppermint Stick and he got a vanilla malt. I clung to his arm as we slipped and slid our way back to our car. An elderly man jokingly asked if he could hang on to Marshall too. We made our way home and hibernated for the rest of the night as the Mother of All Snowstorms rolled in. Baby B, probably in celebration of adding a whole freakin’ ounce to his body weight for the day, kicked up his heels a few times, but otherwise hunkered down right along with us.


2 Responses to “way to go, little guy!”

  1. Angie said

    I’m so happy that baby flipped for you! A lactation room in a library!?! You are living the high life in Madison :) Hope you are doing well and will keep praying for all 3 of you!

  2. Becky Carlson said

    Way to go, Baby B! So glad to hear that little guy flipped. Jeromy and I have been thinking and praying for you guys hardcore! Best wishes and big hugs in this last stretch. Can’t wait to meet Baby Dill!!

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