something about the wind

December 20, 2008

Something about the Wind

There’s something about the wind coming off
the ocean, the waves washing the rocks

that makes a person who is quickly annoyed
by cigarette smoke and men
putting nails into roofs

forgetful and unconcerned.

If you are easily disturbed
you need to get an ocean.

by Sidney Hall Jr.

I really do love all this snow, and I don’t have to face the cold often since I work at home, but lately I’ve been wanting a vacation in a warm place. Maybe with an ocean. I need to get an ocean.

This poem made me laugh because early on in our relationship Marshall found out that I get easily annoyed by the wind. It pushes against car doors you’re trying to open, blows my hair in my mouth, distracts my mind. He sees the wind as the Holy Spirit (or rather vice versa), and I see the wind as an annoyance. I don’t mind balmy breezes, though.

Just to clarify, my “full-term Friday” a couple weeks ago meant that if Baby B was born, he would not be considered premature. My due date isn’t technically until the 29th. There’s this funny three- or four-week window between when you’re full-term and when your actual due date is. This is something I didn’t know until I got pregnant, so sorry to those of you I confused. :) I am not two weeks overdue today. However since all my nephews and nieces were overdue, I’m betting on a January baby. Just to letcha know.


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