February 10, 2009


Everett has been on a few outings with us during his first month of life. He usually sleeps through them all. Fortunately, he saves his explosive bowel movements for us at home, not the general public. We regretted not bringing the Baby Bjorn to Costco, until Marshall suggested we place E right in the cart. I didn’t believe he would fit. He did. And we realized later, he had all the check-out ladies so distracted, they didn’t check to see that we had 18 dollars worth of toilet paper on the bottom of the cart.


He was causing a ruckus at Jimmy John’s, as you can see.


Tummy time!


Ev ignores his cousin Ave.



Our little laughing Buddha!


Our little Peter Pan!


Sleepy baby.


4 Responses to “happenings”

  1. ADORABLE. Man, you guys have a cute little cute on your hands. I love the pictures. He’s so sweet. Can’t WAIT to see you soon…and meet little Everett!

  2. Jim said

    Congrats you guys! Baby Everett is just so darn cute! Can’t wait to hold him! Hope to see the 3 of you real soon! Love you guys! AJ

  3. Jeromy said

    Cute, cute, cute! The first two pictures kinda remind me of people taking “flat Stanley” pictures :-P

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