inspiration or not, it’s Monday, so…

March 30, 2009


I decided last week that I’d like to blog every Monday, no matter what’s on the agenda for the day. I usually wait for inspiration before typing a post, or set the idea aside completely because I’d be blogging instead of tending to baby or doing work. (In other words, I kept guilt tripping myself.) But I realized last night that blogging is just as valuable, because it feels good to write, no matter what about. It’s a way of taking care of myself.

We got a couple inches of snow yesterday, but it didn’t deter me from attacking the kitchen with a passionate case of spring cleaning. I organized cupboards (organizing has been a bit of an obsession for me lately, it’s so fun!) and did crazy things like wash the top of the fridge, clean the microwave, scour the interior nastiness of the oven, and scrub off a lovely patina of garbage off the garbage can. At the end of the day, I knew I had accomplished a lot—the kitchen is such an important part of a home, and I made it more efficient, clean, hygienic—but I felt I had accomplished little. What is it about me that is never satisfied with my productivity?


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