April 20, 2009

I read a Postsecret yesterday that said its sender thinks in Facebook status. I realized today that I often think in question format. Maybe that’s why I like using Yahoo Answers, even though most of the time the answers aren’t actually that much of a help.

I realized today that it’s New Blog Post Monday, and couldn’t think of anything particularly bloggable, so I figured I’d just write down a bunch of the questions that flashed today. It’s an interesting (to me at least) experiment. The brain’s a veritable lightning storm…

Why did it drop ten degrees from this morning to this afternoon? Why does it take so long to get ready for the day? Why is the detergent bottle leaking on the basement floor? Why do I have so many hang-dry-only clothes? Why is their a gigantic charter bus in the Epic parking lot? Why am I hungry an hour after a healthy lunch? How did I not notice that Everett pooped up his back? Who owns Visa and Mastercard and how filthy rich are they? How many times have I typed my credit card number online and how vulnerable is it? What are Everett’s bad dreams about? How would I react if my iMac crashed? How can I do more? How does the shit room get filled with shit so quickly after cleaning it?* Who are those blog visitors from Europe and Canada? Where will I travel to next? What is the difference between rich black and pure black? How transparent should I make that text? How is Marshall’s brokerage class going? Why is Facebook so addicting? When can I get to the bank to deposit those checks? Where can I find a better bathtub for E? Where can I find socks that won’t dig into E’s cankles? How much does he weigh now, anyway?

*this is in reference to our second bedroom/den/guestroom/future room for E, not the loo.


One Response to “questions.”

  1. Kels said

    haha! I love little E’s cankles!

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