arriving August 1, 2009

July 8, 2009


I designed the interior for this book. I haven’t read it yet, except for snippets here and there while typesetting. The bits I’ve read are funny and wise. The cream paper is soft under your fingertips and the hardcover binding is secure in your palms. So set down your Kindle and get this collection of stories from Augsburg Fortress or Amazon.
Even if you’re not Lutheran, I think you will like it.


6 Responses to “arriving August 1, 2009”

  1. eatfruit said

    I love Garrison Keillor.

    I know I sound like a dolt, but what does “design the interior” of a book mean exactly?

    • cjpb said

      Designing the interior consists of: Getting the manuscript from editor. Come up with a sample design in a layout program—choose typefaces and their size, where page numbers go, how big the margins should be, what the opening page of each chapter looks like. Once that’s approved, you flow in the rest of the manuscript, apply styles, make the title page attractive, fix bad hyphenation breaks, eliminate widows/orphans, space out ellipses, check spelling, format table of contents…and eventually do alts (alterations, in other words fix the typos and whatever else needs to be corrected) as indicated by author, editor, and proofreader.

      Textbook-type books include more elements, like placing images (after making them appropriate for press, which can involve many things), captions, sidebars, section heads, indexes, notes, etc.

      In short, you make the book look like a book, with the collaboration of a team of sorts and a few rounds of transmittals before everything is ready for the printer. Author—>Editor—>Copyeditor—>Typesetter/Designer—>Proofreader—>Editor—>Typesetter/Designer etc. etc.

  2. eatrightracine said

    Amazing. I’ll never open a book and look at it the same way again.

  3. Alison said

    CP, you’re awesome!!! I’m so thrilled for you — but also, you know what? I’m not surprised at this achievement. Well done! I’ll definitely pick up the book!

  4. John Goodman said

    Congrats, Christy! (And nice descriptions!) And holy cr–… I wonder if that’s the same Holly Harden I went to college with?!? Small world!

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