what got me through the year

December 18, 2009

Of course, the love of God, my man, my son, my immediate family, my extended family, my buddies. Love is what gets me through. But the following are some bright spots of 2009.

The lake shore of Indiana.

Following the (modified) Curly Girl method and discovering naturallycurly.com. Since switching to sulfate-free shampoo and cutting out all silicones, the tangles that made me drop f-bombs in the shower for twenty minutes have improved by 80%.

A glass of red wine above the Root River, Minnesota.

My fifth time seeing Over the Rhine. To steal another fan’s line, I felt my soul getting pieced back together as I listened.

Muscle Release Technique and carpal tunnel syndrome relief through an excellent masseuse, a petite woman with chocolate eyes and pixie hair and professional compassion for my aches and pains.

Song Up In Her Head. Cease to Begin. And more.

Forever21 setting up shop 5 minutes away.

Getting referred to a really great dentist of short stature and chocolate eyes and professional compassion for the health of my chompers.

An 8-month marathon of the entire 8 seasons of Scrubs.

The power of Benjamin Button lingered with me for days. Aging has always held a particular interest for me…

Mommy tea dates in Mt. Horeb.

Eating acorn squash from fields 15 miles away.

Picnicking and listening to the symphony on the square on a summer evening with a couple of our favorite Madisonians.

Anna’s and Matthew’s garden-party wedding shower. Ivy seeds scattered like rain from the corner of the brick house. A slender outdoor glass chandelier hung above a table heavy with food. We passed the dessert pies around and around and around.

Poising and concentrating and gathering grace to my body every week during a belly dancing class.

Late-night romantic page-turning escapism.

Marshall’s and my resolution to always have beer in the fridge.

E and I both losing interest in breastfeeding in a gradual, painless, peaceful way.

The Perfect Baby Handbook. Reading this made me fear loss of bladder control.