snow bunny

February 16, 2010

I’ve found the solution. Winter hats just don’t work for me unless I keep them on all day. Hat hair isn’t great for straighties, but for curlies it’s just—well, bad bad bad.

I thought the calorimetry hat would work, but it still is too much coverage.
And so…I figured earmuffs may be an option. After trying on many a pair, I spotted these super soft ones at TJ Maxx, stared in the mirror for a long time, taking them off and on, off and on, wondering if I could wear something so…large. The opposite of demure. I like fashion but don’t take many fashion risks.

Turns out, I LOVE them. I feel like a koala bear (only I smell much better) with a touch of glam.

And my ears stay freaking warm. And the top of my hair warms the rest of my head. And it does not get squashed.


Even Everett approves.