vera pavlova

July 13, 2010

I’ve written a couple of posts that include poems by Vera Pavlova, so I think it’s obvious that I like what she has to say. I’m going to keep sharing them.

I first read her work in my email inbox from Knopf Poetry’s Poem-a-Day, and placed her book on hold through the library. If There is Something to Desire consists of 100 poems, translated from Russian by her husband. As she’s said in interviews, there are many poets married to poets, but rare is the poet-translator marriage. This is how she describes a good translation: ” the same dream seen by two different sleepers.” This woman’s mind is amazing!


A beast in winter,
a plant in spring,
an insect in summer,
a bird in autumn.
The rest of the time I am a woman.


Why is the word yes so brief?
It should be
the longest,
the hardest,
so that you could not decide in an instant to say it,
so that upon reflection you could stop
in the middle of saying it.


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