a few highlights of 2010

January 30, 2011

—-My “birthday chair” from Pier 1, picked out while wandering through the store with my mom. It’s usually draped with various items of clothing—which was the purpose of having it in the first place, to elevate piles on the floor to piles on the chair. But when the lovely pattern peeks through the mess…and then when it’s completely clear….ahhh. A bit of beauty in my corner of the house.

—-I have been wanting this print for 2-3 years now, and my man got it for me for Christmas.

—-We began the year with a joint self-employed venture, which had its ups and downs. Marshall’s still plugging away on some ideas for our company, but my daytime energy since October is spent at an office job, one that enjoy (most of the time). I’d say one of the best things about 2010 is that Marshall was totally on board with the idea that he would be the stay-at-home parent. The even better best thing about 2010 is that 95% of the time, he really enjoys the role.

—-How my job “happened.” I had ripped out a few yellow pages with listing of printers & publishers in the area. I was literally heading out the door to a coffeeshop to do a little research, when the temp agency I had signed up with a few weeks prior called. A local screen printing company was looking for a graphic artist. They would love to have me come in that morning. Was I interested? HELL YEAH!!!

—-The variety of “work” in 2010. Whether mothering or typesetting or house-cleaning or learning Adobe Illustrator better, something I’ve been wanting to do for almost 4 years.

—-The irony of what I get paid to do. A couple of months ago, a bowling league needed a logo to represent their name, Dog’s Bollocks. This is what I came up with:

Literally the night before that art request, I had been freelancing some cover mechs for Augsburg Fortress:

Love that I get paid to make testicle-art. That I get paid to embellish a sophisticated textbook.

—-I’ve scrubbed our icky drippans till my hands give out and they were still icky.

So I replaced them with shiny black ones. Hides the grime much better!

—-Stumbling across this ring for cheap at a resale shop, months and months after lusting after it in InStyle, cutting it out, and pasting it into my Lovely Things scrapbook.

—-Enjoying the summer with an 18-month-old. His corn silk hair bleached white by the sun. As the season turned muggy and laden with insect-music at night, I enjoyed the steady, authentic growth of certainty in my heart that I was ready to create another life.

—-As winter settled in and my pregnant self was still adjusting to the routine of a full-time job, one evening I felt depleted of energy and yearned for my own quiet time, a time of peace and stillness. Even if just for an hour. So Marshall told me to come home from work the next afternoon and he and E would zip to the library so I could have some QT. What I was not expecting was this set-up:

Classical music, hot peppermint tea, chocolate-amaretto almonds, yogurt with chocolate chips, and clementine slices. A blanket and my latest InStyle. After getting a bit emotional, I settled in for an hour before my boys came home. And I swear…that filled my battery for an unbelievably long time!

—-One of my favorite Marshall-treats to come out of the kitchen this year:

—A few of my favorite things that live in the kitchen:

A few favorite books:
Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage
The Help
Introvert Power
The Shipping News
If There Is Something To Desire


One Response to “a few highlights of 2010”

  1. Bethany said

    This is the best blog post I’ve read in FOOOORRRREEEVVVAAAHHHHHH. I still get misty at that Marshall prepping the quiet time spot story. The Dog’s Bollocks image is A W E S O M E.

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