some favorites of 2013

January 3, 2014

For my 30th, Marshall whisked me to Ohio for a Barn Dance. Picnic on the lawn, front row seats, wide open sky, quick-beating hearts.

I finally switched to a Diva Cup, and wondering why I didn’t do so years ago.

I quit my job. It was so good while it was and it is so good that it isn’t.

Money management still stresses me out but budgeting is no longer a dirty word to me. It’s actually kinda fun. All thanks to YNAB.

Food management still stresses me out but meal planning and cooking are a lot more tolerable thanks to Pepperplate. (Which goes along with a general growing self-awareness of how I tick in the kitchen.)

I started a 10 year journal. It is amazing. Go get one now.

After four years of avoidance, I read Eating Animals. Vegetarianism has not been hard. (My helpful Everett told me a few days ago that to help “not cost money we should get a cow for milk and a chicken for eggs, but not a pig because you only eat the pig.”) I wonder, though, how long I’ll be on this path, or rather what this path may look like in a year.

This book unexpectedly and wholly enchanted me.

During a gorgeous sun-drunk August weekend, my two-year-old Ian led me on a 30-minute walk/run on the paths of Bethel Horizons. His curls were in full bloom and he ran with abandon through prairie grasses that soared above him. 

Our new house has been affectionately dubbed Redbird by Everett. We all love it here. I ventured out into the 3-degree air a few days ago by stepping onto our screened-in back porch. There are a few giant pines bordering our backyard and they were sighing in the wind. It’s my favorite sound in the world; the last time I had evergreens in my backyard, I was 18. It is the sound of home.

As the new year washed up to me, I was struck with how I go to bed looking forward to seeing my children in the morning and spending the day with them. It may be the novelty of this next chapter in our lives or something else, I don’t know, but I am immensely grateful for it and I’m not going to analyze why. My cup is full.