sleeping through the night

April 2, 2009


Everett went to bed at his usual time last night, 10:30.
It’s 9:45 AM right now, and he’s still happily sleeping. I had to wake him up at 6:30 to feed him, which he obediently (and sleepily) did.
I REALLY feel like that Sharon Olds poem now—this is a great opportunity to get a jumpstart on my day, but I’ve been wandering around our house, not sure what to do, where to start.

Hmm, I think I hear a few grunts from the bedroom. Has Sleeping Beauty awoken?


One Response to “sleeping through the night”

  1. IPS said

    Oh, man. I used to LOVE it when BABY PIE slept like that! I’d actually feed her early (6:30 or 7:00am), purposely keeping her room dark, and then tuck her right back into bed as though it was the middle of the night. It usually bought me another 2-3 hours – time to shower, do laundry, etc. Sadly, those days are long gone. When she wakes up now, she is UP.

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